This 24-pound cannon ball was shot into Stonington Village from the attacking British forces on August 9, 1814. It lodged itself in this hearthstone of the old Trumbull House, which formerly stood on the corner of Water and Diving Streets.

Congreve rocket This rocket was fired by the British Bomb Ship Terror at the Battle of Stonington (August 9-12, 1814). Rockets of this type were used by the British from 1805 to 1815, and were responsible for the "rocket's red glare" at Fort McHenry in Baltimore (where Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner) a month after they were fired on Stonington.

Commemorative Liverpool pitcher (detail) with scene from the 1814 Battle of Stonington. 

The Stonington Historical Society's most treasured item is also the most fragile.  The Stonington Battle Flag flew over Stonington Point for four days in August of 1814 while under siege by a British naval squadron during the War of 1812.  Made by the women of the Stonington Congregational Church with 16 stars and 16 stripes, it probably dates between 1796 and 1803.